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Computer Law and Security Review to host China - EU CoReach Workshop

Published: 7 December 2010

Venue: Herbert Smith LLP, London Tuesday 7 December 2010 Computer Law and Security Review published by Elsevier Ltd is to host the forthcoming CO-REACH workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the New Media Environment. CO-REACH is a network of European Science and Technology policy and funding organisations involved in promoting research co-operation with China in the natural sciences, medical and life science, engineering sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The focus of the meeting will be to discuss critical issues arising from the ongoing debate within the European Parliament TRIPS and the WTO on development of an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The aim is to have a new plurilateral treaty in place that will improve global standards for the enforcement of IPR, and more effectively combat trade in counterfeit and pirated goods. In addition the growing trend of governments and agencies to engage ISP's more rigorously in the enforecement of policies dealing with IPR, security and cyber-crime will be evaluated respresentatives drawn from all sides of the spectrum. This will include analysis of the UK's Digital Economy Act and the subsequent announcement by PM David Cameron of a fitness for purpose review of UK Intellectual Property Law.

About CLSR

The Computer Law and Security Review ( is an international journal of technology law and practice whose Editor-in-Chief since 1985 is Prof Steve Saxby of Southampton University. CLSR provides a major platform for publication of high quality research, policy and legal analysis within the field of IT law and computer security and is available on ScienceDirect the world's foremost provider of electronic scientific information to more than 12 million subscribers. In 2009 CLSR was ranked as the leading technology law journal in Europe by the Council of Australian Law Deans. Beginning with the LSPI-CLSR privacy forum (Prague 2008), public security (Malta 2009) and digital identity (Barcelona in 2010) (, CLSR seeks to position itself at the forefront of policy discussion drawing upon the high quality scholarly contributions to the journal from leading experts around the world.

For further information contact Prof Sylvia Kierkegaard CO-REACH Workshop Chair and Editorial Board

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