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Advising world leaders on cybercrime

Published: 22 April 2013

Leading expert on cybercrime and ILAWS member, Professor Sylvia Kierkegaard addressed delegates at a major international conference about a new European initiative to improve definitions of cybercrime and potential punishments for cybercriminals.

She was the keynote speaker at the 16th Eurasia Summit session on Information and Communication Technologies, Security and Defence in Istanbul.

Sylvia, who also heads the The International Association of IT Lawyers (IAITL), spoke of the importance of cooperation against cyber threats, explaining the links between states and governments of European Union countries. “All those strategies can be applicable to other countries as well. All economic sectors now depend on cyber systems, even systems of health and water depend on it.” She is expected to further contribute her expertise to the development of IT law in Turkey.

The conference was organised by the Marmara Group Foundation to discuss critical issues in the region, which has a population of around 643 million and an estimated purchasing power of 6.5 trillion US dollars.

Among the delegates were the heads of state of Albania, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosova and Macedonia together with prominent political leaders and parliamentarians from many countries in Europe and Asia.

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