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Teaching award for Law Lecturer Mark Telford

Published: 8 July 2013

Mark Telford, Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice has won an Excellence in Teaching award for 2013 in the Faculty of Business and Law at an event organised by the Southampton University Students’ Union. He was praised for giving excellent feedback to students.

Mark uses a range of methods to give personal and individual feedback to students who are learning challenging ideas, concepts and skills. They include emailed audio recordings of his advice and the iPad app Showme, which combines a whiteboard for visual comments with audio description. A Facebook group also encourages discussion of the questions and shows his suggested answers.

“My aim in delivering feedback is to provide support which enables the student to understand what they should be doing, to understand what they are currently doing, and to map out some concrete steps that will enable them to bridge the gap between the two,” he says. “It is also important that when students do something well that they understand what was successful, so that they can repeat it in the future.”

Students made their nominations for the Excellence in Teaching awards; the winners were chosen by a panel of the Law School’s elected course representatives and the academic president.

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