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Published: 9 January 2019

Southampton Law School offers a wide range of pro bono initiatives for undergraduate LLB students, with projects open to any students wishing to give up their time voluntarily to help others.

The law clinics advise students across a spectrum of complex matters, and in doing so supporting access to justice at a time when legal aid is in short supply. As the clinics are run by final year LLB students, in conjunction with specialist lawyers, involvement in the clinics facilitates the development of key skills, including client interviewing, team-work and case management.

Hear below from some of our students who have recently been involved with the Law Clinics.

Elena Chavdarova

The third session of the Law Clinic was a great way for me to see how the law is applied in practice by an experienced solicitor. It was demanding as it was important to be concentrated at all times and make sure that the advice notes have as much detail as possible for the client to use. Nevertheless, it was encouraging to see the relief on the clients’ faces when they realised that their problems can be resolved. This showed me the significance and influence that pro bono work can have.

Cindy Qi

The Law Clinic is an incredible opportunity for law students to apply their legal knowledge and research skills, especially in the areas of land and employment law. The experience of applying the law to real facts, meeting with clients, and taking clear and concise note of pertinent facts is invaluable. I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the solicitor about both the cases at hand and her personal experience in the legal industry. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Clinic! I look forward to the next time.

Hannah Farbon

The first clinic went really well. The legal issues we dealt with were predominately housing disputes between student tenants and their landlords. It was interesting to work with Jennifer and see the law being put into practice. As a second year student, I am studying Land Law, so it was a great opportunity to translate the knowledge gained in lectures to real life scenarios. The rotational system of greeting the client, taking notes and then listening to Jennifer worked really well as we got the chance to work on different skills such as communication, fast note taking and developing our listening skills.

Zoe Hunt

The first Law Clinic was very successful. The rotation of volunteers worked seamlessly and it was a huge bonus that the advice given by the solicitor was almost a direct application of my learning from the land law module.

I look forward to my next opportunity to volunteer at the clinic.

Bethany Holmes

I really enjoyed seeing the land law module I studied last year in a real life context and found I was able to easily engage with the solicitor and ask relevant questions due to having this background knowledge.

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