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Workshop on ‘Data-Driven Personalisation in Markets, Politics and Law' on 28 June 2019

Published: 12 February 2019

Southampton Law School will be hosting a workshop on the topic of ‘Data-Driven Personalisation in Markets, Politics and Law' on Friday 28 June 2019, which will explore the pervasive and growing phenomenon of ‘personalisation’ – from behavioural advertising in commerce and micro-targeting in politics, to personalised pricing and contracting and predictive policing and recruitment.

This is a huge area which touches upon many legal disciplines as well as social science concerns and, of course, computer science and mathematics. Within law, it goes well beyond data protection law, raising questions for criminal law, consumer protection, competition and IP law, tort law, administrative law, human rights and anti-discrimination law, law and economics as well as legal and constitutional theory. To give the workshop focus and structure, this position paper provides a snap-shot of what we think about the topic or how we would frame i. We like to hear your thoughts!

Call for papers! Should you be interested in disagreeing, elaborating, confirming, contradicting, dismissing or just reflecting on anything in the paper and present those ideas at the workshop, send us an abstract by Friday 5 April 2019 to Ms Clare Brady .  We aim to publish an edited popular law/social science book with the most compelling contributions after the workshop.

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