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IP law students get their articles published in peer-reviewed journal and leading specialist blogs

Published: 27 February 2019
Prizewinners with Dr Rosati
Kara Stephen, Jade McKellar, Dr Eleonora Rosati, Michelle Tong

Dr Eleonora Rosati, Associate Professor in Intellectual Property (IP) Law, has recently organized a new writing contest for her final year LLB IP students.

She chose a recent decision of the Review Board of the US Copyright Office, which confirmed refusal to register a blank form with some text as a copyright work.

Students had to write an article summarizing the decision and commenting on its practical implications.

Student Kara Stephen won the contest, and her article will be published as a Current Intelligence note in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (Oxford University Press).

Commenting on this experience, Kara said: “The writing contest provided the chance to reflect on and consolidate my understanding of certain key concepts of copyright protection.  My insight was broadened as the task entailed a comparison with the US. IP students should make the most of writing contests: in addition to the topic being useful for their studies, the writing of an academic article is a valuable exercise and the prospect of publication is incentivising. Publication of my article in an international peer-reviewed Intellectual Property journal is both self-motivating and fulfilling.  I am delighted to have achieved this in my final year at Southampton Law School.”

Dr Rosati also awarded two extra prizes. Students Michelle Tong will have her contribution published on award-winning The IPKat , considered the ‘most popular IP blog of all time’ (Justia), and Jade McKellar will have her article hosted on copyright-focused The 1709 Blog .

Michelle, who won the previous contest organised by Dr Rosati this academic year, said: “Participating in this writing contest was an excellent opportunity to apply and test my knowledge of key copyright concepts from class. Not only did I receive useful feedback; but my knowing my work will be published on an award-winning blog is very rewarding.  Writing this piece allowed me to explore the copyright regime of another jurisdiction, which was a refreshing experience. Producing such case notes also serves as helpful revision practice that I would definitely recommend to students; who should also make sure to take advantage of any future contests run by Eleonora.”

Jade commented: “I found this exercise an extremely useful way to practice applying my legal writing and analysis skills to a case from another jurisdiction while also receiving feedback. I really enjoyed writing about and engaging with the case in writing my entry. Having my work published on a well-respected copyright blog is a fantastic opportunity that I am pleased to have taken part in, and I would recommend intellectual property law students to take full advantage of any similar opportunities organised by Dr Rosati in the future.”

Dr Rosati also expressed her satisfaction with the students’ entries: “I think it is important for final year law students to really start thinking as lawyers and not longer as students,” she said.  “Entering contests of this kind is a useful exercise to learn how to extract meaning from decisions so to become able to advise clients on the actual implications thereof.”

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