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The future of EU Data Protection Law: what about the ePrivacy Regulation? Event

25 May 2018

Event details

iLaws event

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in the headlines for almost 2 years. It will be directly applicable in all EU Member States from 25 May 2018. Altough not a revolution, the GDPR is often described as a significant leap forward, having the potential to affect all industries. The GDPR, however, is only one pillar of the EU data protection framework. If the proposed ePrivacy Regulation, intended to replace the ePrivacy Directive, has received less attention, it certainly has the potential to affect many, if not all, industries as well. This is because it seeks to regulate the processing of electronic communications data (both metadata and content data) and includes comparable sanctions. Its provisions target natural and legal persons. In addition, both over-the-top and machine-to-machine communications would be covered. What is the exact scope of the ePrivacy Regulation? Is the ePrivacy Regulation fit for purpose? Is the principle of confidentiality of electronic communications robust enough? What could it entail for online platforms? What would be the implications of the ePrivacy Regulation for the marketing and advertising industry?

Speaker information

Julia Reda ,Member of the European Parliament, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance,Keynote speaker

Daniel Westman ,Independent Legal and Policy Advisor,Researcher and Teacher in ICT and Media Law

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon ,Associate Professor in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law, Director of ILAWS, University of Southampton

Federica Paci ,Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton ,Lecturer in Cyber Security

Richard Gomer ,Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton,Postgraduate research student

Faranak Hardcastle ,Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton,Postgraduate research student

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