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Data protection and transnational institutional collaboration in the field of data protection in the post-Brexit era Event

16 December 2021
Via Zoom

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In the political declaration about their future partnership, the EU and the UK agreed to make arrangements for appropriate cooperation between data protection regulators; yet, it is unclear if and how precisely this will materialise. Maintaining channels of inter-state cooperation contributes to regulatory alignment and the rapid and efficient response to common risks. Moreover, it encourages the exchange of best practices, and reduces the risk of conflicts. This workshop, co-organised by the Centre of European Law at King's College London, the University of Southampton and the UK-RoI Cross-Border Data Protection Network will explore legal and practical obstacles associated with maintaining a UK-EU cooperation at multiple levels of administrative and political hierarchy post-Brexit and identify ways to address them.


- Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor.
- Peter Hustinx, Non-executive director, Information Commissioner's Office; former European Data Protection Supervisor.
- Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Senior Privacy Counsel & Legal Engineer at Immuta; Professor in Information Technology Law and Data Governance, University of Southampton.
- Lilian Mitrou, Professor of Information/Data Protection Law, University of the Aegean-Greece.
Uta Kohl, Professor of Law, University of Southampton.
- Sir Francis Jacobs QC, former Advocate General at the European Court of Justice; President of the Centre of European Law, King's College London (welcome speech)
- Takis Tridimas, Chair of EU Law, co-Director of the Centre of European Law, King's College London (moderator)
- Napoleon Xanthoulis, Lecturer in Law, University of Southampton (moderator).

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