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The University of Southampton
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"Transparency and Administrative Law: A Critical Evaluation" Seminar

24 February 2011
University of Southampton

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Event details

Transparency as a concept figures in many different spheres of public life ranging from architecture, the arts, media, markets, democracy, regulation, and public administration.

Indeed, the Global Language Monitor assessed it to be one of the ‘top' words of 2009 behind ‘Twitter', ‘Obama', and ‘vampire', but above ‘bonus', and ‘unemployed'. Due to this fact, there is a danger that discussions about it are vague, touch on every intellectual neurosis of the contemporary age, and proceed from the architecture of modern parliamentary buildings, onward through the problems of corruption (with a minor detour on MP expenses), towards a discussion of audit and new public management (and the problems for higher education), pause briefly to consider Facebook and other forms of social networking, and finally terminate with a philosophical musing about what reality television tells us about contemporary society.

Speaker information

Dr Liz Fisher , Corpus Christi College. Liz Fisher Liz Fisher, BA/LLB (UNSW), D Phil (Oxon) is a Reader in Environmental Law at Corpus Christi College and UL lecturer in the Faculty of Law. She researches in the area of environmental law, risk regulation and administrative law. Much of her work has explored the interrelationship between law, administration and regulatory problems. Her work has an important comparative dimension and she focuses in particular on these issues in the legal cultures of the UK, US, Australia, the EU, and the WTO. Her 2007 book, Risk Regulation and Administrative Constitutionalism, won the SLS Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship. Recent work has focused on the problems created by interdisciplinarity in regulatory decision-making including the use of models in environmental regulation and the operational consequences of transparency in administrative law. She won an Oxford University Teaching Award in 2009 and was shortlisted for OUP National Law Teacher of the Year Award 2011. She also sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Environmental Law and the Editorial Committee of the Modern Law Review (the latter as co-editor of the Legislation Section). Fisher convenes the Environmental Law courses and the Course in Legal Research Method in the Faculty.

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