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Communications services and law enforcement assistance Seminar

Neil Brown
28 April 2015

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Sophie Stalla-Bourdillion at .

Event details

An overview of the law


Much has been written recently about obligations placed on communications service providers to support law enforcement, but relatively little about the law itself.

This seminar offers an introduction to the law in the UK in this area, discussing a broad range of mandates which can be placed of providers of communications services to support law enforcement, as well as powers granted to agencies. It will start by considering the fundamental rights context and the notion of confidentiality of communications before turning to discuss a number of different legal frameworks.

(To avoid any disappointment: this is a talk about law. If you want thrills and intrigue and "secret revelations", this is probably not for you!)

Speaker information

Neil Brown ,Senior Regulatory Lawyer at a global communications company, and an academic exploring the regulation of communications. He has particular expertise in Internet and communications regulation and policy and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on the regulation of over the top communications services. Neil is giving this seminar in his personal capacity.

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