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Emma Nottingham LLB (Law) alumnus and PhD Law, 2010

Emma Nottingham's Photo

Hi, I'm Emma Nottingham and I studied LLB (Law) alumnus and PhD Law within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

My time at Southampton Law School has taught me many practical and academic skills that will be invaluable for my future career.

I originally studied my LLB (Law) degree at Southampton. I decided to apply to Southampton after attending an open day and found the University had a positive and friendly atmosphere and a really encouraging environment.

My LLB course was great, it offered me a diverse range of subject modules and I was able to choose subjects that I was really passionate about such as health care law and family law.

After completing my first degree I decided I wanted to specialise in health care law and thought a PhD would open up more opportunities for future career prospects in this area.

My postgraduate studies have enabled me to learn new skills such as excellent research ability as well as developing the skills I learnt as an undergraduate. It is also very independent and this has taught me how to motivate myself. Overall my PhD study has been a great intellectual challenge that has pushed me and encouraged me to achieve far more than I ever realised I could.

My time at Southampton Law School has taught me many practical and academic skills that will be invaluable for my future career. I hope my PhD will also give me an edge over other candidates in the job market with potential employers valuing the specialised and expert knowledge I have gained.

Southampton is a great place to study. The staff are very encouraging and supportive and the standard of teaching is excellent. It is a friendly University with a widespread variety of people. It has also been exciting studying in a city as there is always something to do, but the city is not too big so it is easy to find your way around.

During my time at Southampton I have been involved in many of the extra-curricular activities offered by the Law School such as the Housing Clinics that offers housing advice to students. As a postgraduate, I have taken a more leading role in these by assisting with some of the School’s pro bono activities including the Housing and Employment Clinics, the Innocence Project and Streetlaw.

Outside of law, I have also learnt ballroom and Latin dancing which was great fun.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Southampton Law School as a great place to study.

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