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Jadesola Ige Law with European Legal Studies (LLB), 2013-2017

Second year student

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Hi, I'm Jadesola Ige and I studied Law with European Legal Studies (LLB) 2013-2017 within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

Being a law student at Southampton has allowed me to pursue my ambitions in an environment that is inspirational, safe and intellectually stimulating. I could not have chosen a better law school.

My time studying law at the University of Southampton has been wholly enjoyable. I have always been intrigued by the idea of justice and how we can really know what is 'fair'. I saw a law degree as a good way to learn how these philosophical concepts are interpreted and what they translate into, in terms of the law.

Even before formally starting my time here, I realised a huge difference in the culture when compared with other law schools. The law school seemed friendly, innovative and forward thinking. It has certainly lived up to this.

The course itself is demanding and has challenged me, allowing me to grow academically. I have been intellectually stimulated by spending time researching, and being able to speak about a diverse range of legal topics.

The support from the academic staff is one of the best things about the Law School. The staff are friendly, and genuinely interested in their specialist fields. The ‘open-door’ atmosphere here means that academics are easily accessible and willing to help students. I have found that their expertise and friendliness have helped me in completing my legal research and work.

I have made the most of the University's links with other reputable universities by doing a year abroad. My year abroad led to me studying in Belgium where I visited the European Court of Justice. I was also awarded international scholarships which allowed me to study in the USA and China.

Apart from this, the extra-curricular activities are also numerous and useful. Whether its mooting, or attending a seminar, the opportunities provided by the Law School have allowed me to find my areas of interest. There are a number of events hosted by the Law School which allow students to engage with legal discussions and practice legal skills, even outside of their formal degree. The employability week during our second year of the LLB is particularly unique and successful.

The Law School does an absolutely fantastic job at making students well-rounded. You are supported academically, through writing skills drop-ins, but there is also an unmatched commitment to making students employable. Aside from the structured employability programmes that all students must take part in, I have received tailored support through application processes.

Being a law student at Southampton has allowed me to pursue my ambitions in an environment that is inspirational, safe and intellectually stimulating. I could not have chosen a better law school! What I have particularly benefitted from is the environment; which allows you to find your interests and take them as far as you would like to. In short, as a student; what you put in, is what you get out.

As a Law Student, I have been able to found my own society (Women in Business), partake in competitive vacation schemes and receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship . It has been really fulfilling, and I look forward to starting my career with a year-long legal placement with NBC Universal.

In five years time, I hope that I am as innovative, challenged and driven as I have been during my time at university. I hope that I continue to think outside of the box to find solutions to difficult problems.

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