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The University of Southampton
The Learn With US Transition Programme

Library visits

Our library visit days at Highfield Campus offer students an invaluable opportunity to explore evidence and sources for their research project. Students and teachers are able to experience the University's research facilities and Hartley Library


 itinerary for library visits
Timings can usually be slightly adjusted for your school/college

Our Support

Students can explore a wide range of supporting material for their projects such as academic books and journal articles. Teachers can request a visit via our booking form.

During the visit, we:

- Support students in enhancing their skills, knowledge and understanding of how to research, critically select and analyse information for their research projects.

- Provide students with the opportunity to experience the University's Highfield campus to support their transition to a university environment.

- Provide an inclusive experience by offering students individual support on their research projects with a view to foster their confidence and develop their academic skills.


Image of Hartley Library
Hartley Library

Please note:

- We can accommodate up to 25 students per visit during term time but may be able to offer larger visits outside of university term time, depending on availability.
- Due to exam periods in 2024, we are unable to offer library visits between 15th January - 26th January and 20th May - 3rd June.
- Students will get the most out the day if they attend with a clear research question. 

Independent and Grammar Schools

For independent and grammar schools, library visits are restricted to the following weeks during 2023/2024:

Autumn term: Weeks beginning 16th October, 4th December

Spring term: Weeks beginning 5th February, 25th March

Summer term: Weeks beginning 10th June, 1st July

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