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The University of Southampton
Legal Services

How do I get legal advice?

On the 11th of November we launched our new Legal Services portal.
For an existing case you do not need to take further action. Your case will be moved onto our portal and the key contact will receive an email notification providing the new case number.

You will also receive status updates and be able to track the progress of live cases with us through your dashboard on our portal.

If you are a member of staff and you need legal advice, please contact the Legal Services team by raising your request at the Legal Request Portal and completing the online form.

Any deadlines should be clearly specified at the outset.

If we need to instruct external lawyers to undertake the work, we will notify you of this and obtain an estimate of the likely costs.

Please note: We are unable to offer legal advice to students or to members of staff who need advice on personal matters. Students should contact SUAIC; members of staff may seek independent legal advice.

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