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The University of Southampton
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Information Governance and Policies

What is Information governance?

Information governance is the way in which the University handles all of its information, in particular personal and special category (sensitive) information, from creation to deletion.  It goes beyond pure records management into a compliance regime that includes privacy, access controls, and other compliance issues.

The University has implemented an Information Governance Framework to effectively manage the information that the University holds. This Framework sets out to achieve appropriate behaviour at all stages of the information lifecycle.  It assists in the management and control of one of the University’s most vital assets: its information.

Policies and Guidance

As part of our information governance framework we work within a set of regulations, policies and guidelines that form a consistent set of rules that determine how we operate. They ensure that the University meets its legislative and regulatory requirements including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR and that it adheres to best practice. Some of our key policies are listed here:

We also publish useful information including our policies under the Publication Scheme.

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