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Connect your research with others at our IfLS-hosted poster sessions

Published: 15 March 2016
IfLS Poster Sessions

Truly interdisciplinary research collaboration is an ideal that should energise scientific discovery but many researchers in their early-career and beyond find making their initial connections elusive.

Set in the Observatory on Level 7 of the Life Sciences Building (85) on Highfield Campus, Institute for Life Sciences poster sessions are open to all and are intended as opportunities for researchers to discuss their work across the compartments of academic discipline. It’s a chance to interact with scientists tackling familiar problems from another angle, applying another field’s tools and skill-sets. Leading from simply explaining their work, researchers can connect to improve the interdisciplinary strength they bring to bear against obstacles, reduce duplication across campus and benefit from a broader experience of creative and critical reasoning. It is not unusual to find representatives of a dozen disciplines at a single poster exhibition.

The IfLS supports interdisciplinarity through four grand challenges. The spirit of each challenge is to encourage communication and catalyse cross-disciplinary research within the life sciences.

After a previous poster session, on Microfluidics, Sensors and Point of Care Devices, three of the exhibitors recorded their experiences:

“I met another researcher during the poster session and we basically using the similar technique/tools to do different things in biomedical research. We had a quite inspiring discussion and exchanged lots of ideas. I think the poster session provides a platform that people get to know each other’s research and get inspiration from each other.” Jinghua Tang (Engineering and the Environment).

“I do think the sessions are positive as they promote interaction between people working in the same environment and sometimes in related subjects allowing us to share ideas that are useful to each other's work and to see things in a different perspective.” Miguel Xavier (Electronics and Computer Science).

“These poster sessions are very useful for problems stated within my current research – there are many offers of both help and advice to overcome these, including contacts, grants etc. In addition, the poster session was a great way to share my research with other researchers within my lab group with whom I have not previously worked. After my presentation at the PGR conference in engineering, I am now collaborating with another microfluidic group who were additionally present at the poster session.” Chloe Rose (Bioengineering, FEE).

Professor Peter J. Smith, the Director of the Institute for Life Sciences, added “I am delighted by the success of IfLS-hosted poster sessions in bringing together a new generation of researchers who contribute an exciting energy and join in collaborative scientific investigations which focus on the great challenges in Life Science.”

If your research would benefit from alternative insight, if you would like to ask questions across disciplines or if you are a seasoned principal investigator with experience to share, the next IfLS poster session will be on ‘industry-funded research and studentships in biomedical science’, 16.00 – 18.00, 18 March 2016. To register your interest, email:




IfLS Poster Sessions
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