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The University of Southampton
LifeLabTeaching Programme


The feedback from the schools who have visited us has been hugely positive, and after attending the LifeLab activities, students have demonstrated a significantly improved awareness that nutrition during early development can affect future health, and that lifestyles of both parents can affect the health of their children. Evidence also suggests that children who have experienced LifeLab are more likely to consider careers in science, healthcare, and medicine.

Comments from teachers

“…they learnt what it’s like to be in a real scientific laboratory and see what real scientist do, rather than just in a classroom, and it got them to experience proper experimentation.” Teacher

“…they learned that a hospital isn’t just about people getting better, it does research, and I think they learnt a lot from that.” Teacher

“…I asked my lot, is this what you thought a lab would look like? and they all said ‘no’, it was totally different to what they thought it would be. And they learned that a hospital isn’t just about people getting better, it does research, and I think they learnt a lot from that”. Teacher

“…students have really experienced something outside the classroom, they don’t get to see scientists in the “real” world. The “Meet the Scientist” session was great. Showed the students the diverse roles you can have as a scientist, fantastic for students to experience that - some have gone off thinking “I can do that”. Teacher

“…It was important that this was done outside of school, I don’t think it would have had the same wow factor if they did the same activity in the classrooms they always do science in!” Teacher

 Comments from pupils

“Extracting my DNA…because it was like, working with all the scientific equipment, and we were learning how to see our DNA and everything, it was different to what I’m used to.” Student

“I really liked it and it was really useful because there’s only so much you can learn in school… if you actually go there and do it for yourself it’s much better” Student

“I went back and told Mum and Dad everything, ‘cos it was all interesting.” Student

“I found out I have a high metabolism.” Student

“…it helps me see where I am as a weight comparison, see if I’m underweight, overweight and whatever, and I did that scan and I learnt how to ultrasound, scan someone.” Student

“I think Josh was the only one who was creeped out by the placenta.” Student

Learning about health

A particularly successful workshop, ‘LifeLab Southampton’, is based at the local hospital and is making an important contribution to students’ understanding of the need to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The impact of LifeLab on students’ learning and enthusiasm for science [was judged] to be ‘Outstanding’

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