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Local History Landscapes

A wider perspective: the archaeology of landscape and local history

A wider view
A wider view

This module is about archaeology at a larger scale. It about taking a wider perspective, it is about people, and it is about landscape.  Because landscape is all around us, it affects everything and this leads to some very exciting archaeology. 

This module will introduce you to the methods and resources available to local historians and archaeologists, and in doing so, will equip you with the means to go out and really start to understand and explore the archaeology in your local landscapes.  Part practical, part theory this module will introduce you to a new way of enjoying archaeology and history.      

Course structure:

1.     Introduction to landscape:

Thinking about landscape, what is ‘landscape', and why we study it

2.     History and background:

The background to the discipline, and how it developed from the pioneering work of WG Hoskins 

3.     Resources and methods (1) preliminary research and the desk based assessment: cartography, map regression, aerial photography

4.     Resources and methods (2) history, linguistics, documents, and the historic landscape

5.     Resources and methods (3) historical ecology and environmental data

6.     Resources and methods (4) field work: the so-called ‘muddy boots' approach!

7.     Features in the landscape (1) Prehistory to early medieval

Brief detail of the types of cultural features found in the Southern English landscape (with some references to other parts of the British Isles)

8.     Features in the landscape (2) Post-Conquest to the industrial revolution

As previous but focused upon the landscapes of later medieval and early modern period

9.     Interpreting the landscape: theory and landscape (1)

An introduction to landscape theory

10.  Protecting and preserving the Historic Environment

11.  Digital landscapes, GIS and Historic landscape characterisation:

12.  Putting it all together- studying and enjoying the local landscape

Course date/time:

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm, starting 29 January 2013


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