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The University of Southampton
Lifelong Learning

Urban Archaeology

The module will provide participants with an introduction to the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to learn about and communicate the history of an urban landscape.

Copyright Jens-Olaf Walter
Archaeological Strata at Osnabrück

The module will use a combination of lectures and instructor led group visits (all within Highfield and Portswood) to acquaint participants with key sources of historical information, including: 

Participants will learn to locate, interpret and document each of these sources of historical information. They will then learn to compile these findings into a clear and confidently written or presented historical account summarising the history and development of a particular urban area.

Participants will be introduced to online publication which will enable them to effectively communicate their research to a wider audience.

Course date/time:

Thursdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm, starting 4th October 2012


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