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Osteoarchaeology and Bioarchaeology

Every human being has a unique story to tell, and that story is written in their bones. Osteoarchaeologists examine the remains of our ancestors to understand more about past lifestyles, diets, diseases, and death. In order to piece past lives back together, osteoarchaeologists require an in depth understanding of the human skeleton and how it grows and changes with age.

Osteoarchaeology & Bioarchaeology

We are offering three Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology day schools so that you can learn about the human skeleton and its place in archaeology.

The beginner’s level Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology day school (18 April) will introduce you to the basic elements of the human skeleton, and give you opportunity to test out your new skills on real archaeological material. By the end of the day you will be able to identify the major bones, side them, and understand how they fit together to create a functioning body.

The intermediate level Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology day school (2 May) will introduce you to some of the basic techniques used, such as how to determine the sex of a skeleton, how to age both adults and juveniles, and metrics such as stature. 

The advanced level Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology day school (23 May) will allow you to examine markers which can provide important information about an individual’s lifestyle, such as the diseases they suffered with, the tell-tale signs of a hard lifestyle, and how our skeleton evolved into what it is today. (It is not required to have taken the intermediate day school in order to attend this day.)

Provisional summary is available to download of the first day to demonstrate how the sessions are likely to run.

Please click on the of the below Osteoarchaeology Day Schools for further information and booking (discounted rate available if all three days are booked together):




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