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Introduction to Greek Myths and Mythology

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Tragic comic masks
Tragic comic masks

This is the first part of a two-part course on Classical Greek Theatre and Drama: the first part covers the theoretical knowledge of theatre in Greek antiquity while the second part is a close reading of representative masterpieces of Classical Greek drama and hence a more hands-on approach to Classical Greek Theatre and Drama.

This first part covers the birth of theatre, both as a concept and a practice, the classical Amphitheatre and the technical aspects of a theatre production in Classical Athens. The module also involves an acquaintance and understanding of the social, political and educational importance of theatre in Classical times.

Please note: Attending this module does not, in any way, commit students to attending the second module. Both modules are independent units.

Aims and learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module you will have gained:

  • A knowledge of the origins of theatre.
  • A knowledge of the parts of the amphitheatre and their function.
  • A sound knowledge and understanding of theatrical practice in Ancient Greece.
  • An awareness of the role and importance of theatre and drama in Classical Athenian society

Summary of course content

Typically the course will cover the following topics:

From religion to art

The birth of tragedy:

  • Dionysian rites
  • Friedrich Nietzsche

Theatrical geography and space

The Amphitheatre

Epidaurus and the Globe

Conventions of theatrical practice

Acting, actors, costumes, the stage

Theatre in Classical Athens

Education, sponsorship, awards

Society, politics and theatre


Summary of teaching and learning methods

This course will comprise the following teaching and learning methods:

  • Mini lectures
  • Class-led seminars
  • Videos followed by discussion

Tutor: Maria Palaska

Course day and time: Tuesday, 19:00 until 21:00

Course starts: 16 January 2018

Duration: 6 weeks

Standard fee: £100.00

Student/staff fee: £90.00

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