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Fairy Tales Myths and Legends

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Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends

This is a new writing course which centres around fairy tales and folklore. In this course you will examine the dark origins of fairy tales, myths and legends in order to conceptualise new creative possibilities. Here, we will delve into the history, values, and tropes of fairy tales and explore ways to reimagine and (re)situate these tropes and mythical motifs in a modern context drawing on the work of Angela Carter and Marina Warner, while also examining some of the most beloved fairy tales: Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and Bluebeard.

During the course you will:

  1. learn how to read fairy tales critically
  2. examine the universal truths versus culturally specific values present in fairy tales
  3. identify and explore common fairy tale tropes
  4. Imagine creative possibilities to set fairy tale themes and tropes in a modern context
  5. Produce a piece of writing in the form of a modern fairy tale

Course information

Tutor: Jenn Shaller

Dates: 20th April – 25th May 2021

Warwick Goble
Warwick Goble
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