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Take One Idea

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Take One Idea
Take One Idea

This course offers a varied and informative introduction to creative writing, suitable for beginners and/or those who would like to explore a variety of different literary forms.

The course gives you the opportunity to work with a single core idea of your own choosing and transform it into four very different pieces of writing. Starting with creative non-fiction and moving on through poetry, script writing and finally the short story, you will be guided through some of the theory behind each literary form before being encouraged to produce your own piece of writing in response. Each session will be divided into two parts: the first focussing on the key features of the four types of text before we put pen to paper and create a piece of writing from scratch using the techniques learned earlier in the session. Ideal for beginners, this class provides the information and encouragement needed to get started in creative writing or, for more experienced authors, it is a great opportunity to step outside creative comfort zones and try something new.


Course Information

Tutor: Alison Daniell

Dates: Thursday 27 February 2020 – Thursday 2 April 2020





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