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Evening Short Courses Starting in the next academic year 2017/2018

Visit one of the pages below for further information on our short courses.  Click on the link below to find out how to book.



Bilingualism-Multilingualism: Understanding and debunking popular myths. Don’t bilingual children ever mix their languages up? So when and how do we start teaching our children two languages?

Damned, Deviant or Devine

Damned, Deviant or Devine

Damned, deviant, divine, dependent, dying, dangerous, fools, beggars, cripples. These are just some of the words associated with disability in the past.

Introduction to Greek Theatre & Drama I

Introduction to Greek Theatre & Drama I

The Theory.  This is the first part of a two-part course on Classical Greek Theatre and Drama: the first part covers the theoretical knowledge of theatre in Greek antiquity.

Latin in the landscape

Latin in the Landscape

Reading local Inscriptions. The English landscape is full of Latin: tombstones, statues, dedications of church fittings, even pub signs.

Egon Schiele Self-portrait

Reflective Art Practice

Reflective Art Practice: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Art History: Exploring Portraiture

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