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Reflective Art in Practice

Exploring Still LifeExploring PortraitureThe Modern British Landscape
Reflective Art in Practice
Reflective Art in Practice

These courses examine the theory and practice behind a range of art movements Each course explores a different theme or genre and combines lectures, a seminar component (discussions and analysis of artworks) and a workshop element. The latter (one and a half hour per two hour session) will explore various artistic styles and practical techniques in drawing, painting and mixed media.


Tutor: Abi Kremer


This year we are running three different courses throughout the year as follows


1) Modern British Landscape

This module will examine the birth of Modernism and its relationship to landscape in British art.

‘Modernism refers to the broad movement in Western arts and literature that gathered pace from around 1850, and is characterised by a deliberate rejection of the styles of the past; emphasising instead innovation and experimentation in forms, materials and techniques in order to create artworks that better reflected modern society’ (Tate definition).

We will look at the changing social/ art historical context from late 19th Century to 21st Century and the impact on artists, each of whom bring their own agenda to the topic. During this module, you will explore the evolution of modern British landscape art from JMW Turner to Kurt Jackson.



Term 1           Tuesday 15th October – Tuesday 3rd December 2019

                        Thursday 17th October – Thursday 5th December 2019


2) Portraiture

In this course you will examine attitudes to the portrait, which change to reflect society and art historical developments.



Term 2           Tuesday 21st January – Tuesday 10h March 2020


3) Exploring the Still Life

This broad and highly personal genre was taken to new heights of experimentation by Picasso and Braque in the early 20th Century. We will look at the way artists have responded to still life subjects with a series of practical exercises using drawing materials, paint and collage, using chosen objects. By the end of the Unit you will be able to make experimental and resolved still life art, and expand your knowledge of this genre.



Term 3           Thursday 30th April – Thursday 18th June 2020

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