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Biology and Evolution: An Introduction to the Search for the Origins of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity class

Biological evolution is one of the most compelling and important concepts in biology, with a long history. This course will illustrate the drawbacks encountered by researchers in the development of an idea, and the never-ending quest for the genesis of the numerous species we see all around us.              

What is the “Fact of Evolution”, and what is the difference between this and the “Theory of Evolution”? Does evolution still affect our species? Is human activity, today, a new evolutionary force that is shaping the natural environment? What are the most common misrepresentations and mistakes about evolution? We will discuss how the basic principles of evolution are used today in numerous different fields: medicine (evolutionary medicine, evolutionary pharmacology, pathogen evolution), agriculture (crop growth improvement, pest control), development of new technologies (genetic algorithms, genetic programming). This course is aimed at anybody who wants a wider and pragmatic understanding of biological evolution. To watch a taster of the course, click here.

Tutor: Marco Puglia

Course dates: Wednesday Monday 11th October – Monday 15th November 2021.

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