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Wastes - A problem or an opportunity?

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The aim of this module is to provide valuable insight into the management of ‘waste' in the modern day. Due to the tremendous threat that waste poses to the environment, the private and the public sector put great effort into developing solutions that subsequently yield both remarkable and controversial outcomes. Thus, the need to make this information readily available in the public domain and critically discuss how these changes has become instrumental in the fight against ‘poor' waste management.

This goal will be achieved by introducing ‘waste' as a concept and explaining it and its management in its broadest sense, before exploring its generation and classification, and ultimately focusing critically on methods of prevention, reuse, treatment, recycling, recovery and finally disposal. Special focus will be given to the environmental and health problems associated with waste management and the socio-economic factors that catalyse its impact on our everyday lives.

We will explore multiple national and international schemes and discuss their relevance and impact. Furthermore, this module will include a practical element whereby students will undertake a diverse range of activities including creative experiments, share ideas during in-class discussions, as well as going behind the scenes to witness innovative research as it happens, in the form of live demonstrations in our state of the art laboratories. As a result, students will have the opportunity to develop not only their knowledge of this increasingly ‘hot' topic but also to expand and diversify a range of important skills. This module will also serve as a platform for students to present the experiences and commitments in their communities.








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