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Sex, Crime & Rock 'n' Roll

British Youth and Society, 1945-1979

Teddy girls
Teddy girls

 This course will explore the development of and complexities within British youth from the end of the Second World War to Margaret Thatcher's election as Prime Minister in 1979.

The course will initially ask you to consider the theoretical meanings and connotations of the concept of ‘youth', as well as its development up to 1945, in order to provide context and understanding for the remainder of the course. The course will then explore various case studies drawn from major themes in British youth and society between 1945 and 1979. The case studies will explore key aspects of the socio-cultural development of British youth, including austerity and affluence, popular youth culture, youth behaviour, issues of gender and the adult reaction to youths' development. The course will investigate whether youth experience between 1945 and 1979 was as simple as "sex, crime and rock ‘n' roll", and whether adults were uniformly hostile to developments within youth society.

The course will introduce you to a diverse range of sources from the period, including written testimony, film, music and television. The course assumes that youth's socio-cultural sphere and its relationship with adult society are complex and dependent upon the historical context and developments of the period in question, and cannot be fully understood unless this context is fully appreciated.


Date: Thursday evenings, starting 31 January 2013
Time: 7 - 9 pm
Duration: 12 meetings

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