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Jewish Life In London's East End, 1870-1945

London's East End
London's East End

This module will explore the life of those living in London's East End between 1870 and 1945 with a particular focus on the Jewish community. The module will begin by looking at immigration to the area and the reasons behind this movement, focussing on the religious and cultural backgrounds of the Jewish migrants. You will be able to place the experiences of Jews within the wider context of life in the East End.

The module will then focus on the home and work life of East End Jews, looking at living conditions and poverty in the East End, as well as work and welfare, examining the options available to the immigrant population. We will then look at the role of women and youth within the community, studying the ways in which Jewish youth were educated within London's schools and the variety of clubs that were available for the young people.

Importantly, the module will look at the concepts of religious and national identities and their relationships to each other. You will be able to analyse sources that show the process of ‘Anglicisation' as well as those which show retention of ‘foreign' cultures. Finally the module will look at the impact of war on the Jewish community, paying particular attention to the role of World War Two and the impact of European Anti-Semitism on the Anglo-Jewish community.

We will conclude by examining how, throughout the period, the communities were able to remain true to their origins and the ways in which they adapted to their local cultures by debating the importance of religious and English identities.


Date: Monday evenings, starting 1st October 2012
Time: 7 - 9 pm
Duration: 12 meetings

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