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Classical Hebrew

This course will provide you with an elementary knowledge of Classical Hebrew grammar, which is needed in order to read the Tanakh or Old Testament in its original language. The course will focus on explanation of grammatical forms and syntax in order to read and translate phrases and sentences taken from the biblical text itself, and primarily from the book of Genesis.

Classical Hebrew

This course a beginners course, which covers the forms of the active ‘qal’ verb, masculine and feminine nouns, basic prepositions, conjunctions, adjectives and pronouns. In part two, the course will focus on the different forms of the regular verb in Classical Hebrew, the weak verbs, waw consecutive and verbal suffixes.

The course will enable you to read and translate select verses from the book of Genesis from Hebrew into English, explain your own views on issues in translation of Classical Hebrew and evaluate the importance of knowledge of the original text of the Tanakh or Old Testament in the study of biblical ideas.


Date: Thursday 5 February 2015

Time: 19.00-21.00

Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Avenue Campus




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