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Journeys in Film - Study Day - Saturday 18 February 2017

Published: 18 February 2017
Journeys in Film
Journeys in Film

Film has from its very first days been a way of relaying images of travel and escape. From early travelogues in exotic lands to fantastical visions of imaginary worlds, cinema provides an invitation to explore distant realities, as well as to see the world around us anew. This study day will delve into the importance of journeying to film, as seen in genres like the road movie, sci-fi and fantasy as well as documentary realism. It will consider the journeys taken by film itself, from financing and shooting to distribution and exhibition across global networks of festivals and film theatres. It will offer ways of understanding movies as moving pictures, demonstrating the artistry of films in producing thrilling speed and epic action or their opposite, stasis. In an age of global interaction and migration, it will also provide insight into the political and ethical issues surrounding film, both as an industry and as a way of commenting upon our contemporary lives.

Speakers include:

Dr Mike Hammond: “Cinema,Trains, and Sensation: Early Cinema and Thrill Rides”

Dr Louis Bayman: “Easy Riders and Sightseers: Comparing US and UK Car Culture in the Cinema”

Dr Corey Schultz: “Peasant-Worker Migration in 21st Century Chinese Film”

Professor Lucy Mazdon: “Brief Encounters: The Railway Station on Film”


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