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Learning a language: a common new year’s resolution

Published: 19 January 2018

Did you start one of our languages courses this year as a new year’s resolution?

According to a survey by the British Council, learning a language was a new year’s resolution for at least one in five Brits.

One in three of those questioned said they wanted to learn at least some key phrases in another language and Spanish was the most popular language among respondents

Of the 2,109 adults surveyed, 64% said they had always wanted to speak another language fluently, 56% said they regretted never having made the effort to do so.

While 58 % agreed it was more important than ever for people in the UK to learn another language, our abilities appear to be letting us down. Only a third of those questions said they could currently hold a basic conversation in one, and 45% of respondents were embarrassed by their poor language skills.

Want to learn a language this year but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Book now for one of our Term 3 evening courses, beginning in April.

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