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The University of Southampton
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Antisemitism Study Day Event

Auschwitz gates
10:00 - 16:00
12 December 2010
Aveune Campus University of Southampton

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Event details

A unique all-day event consisting of a series of 30 minute talks held by experts within Modern Languages and History in the Faculty of Humanities, with the discussion ranging across a wide variety of topics from Anti-Judaism in the Ancient World to Antisemitism Today: A Reappraisal. You will be introduced to works by a selection of current Jewish writers and will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in group discussion.


10.00 - 10.10 Welcome


10.10 - 10.55   Dr Helen Spurling's talk will be dedicated to 'Anti-Judaism in the Ancient World'. This talk will explore the difference between antisemitism and anti-Judaism, and look at key theological texts described as ‘anti-Jewish'.  


10.55 - 11.40   Dr Claire le Foll will speak on ‘Judaeophobia and Pogroms in Tsarist and Soviet Russia'. She will examine the significance of pogroms and anti-Jewish feelings in the history of East-European Jews.


11.40 - 12.00 Coffee Break (Staff Room)


12.00 - 12.45   Dr James Jordan's seminar on ‘Antisemitism at the BBC?' will present and discuss examples of perceived antisemitism on BBC television focusing on the postwar years.


12.45 - 1.45 Lunch (Staff Room)


1.45 - 2.30   Dr Andrea Reiter will introduce you to the so called ‘Waldheim Affair' in Austria in the mid-1980s. She will discuss the resurgence of antisemitism this event ensued, and the responses of Jews in Austria.


2.30 - 3.15    Professor Tony Kushner will speak on 'Antisemitism Today: A Reappraisal'. This talk will explore whether there has been, as often suggested a rise in antisemitism and indeed the development of a 'new antisemitism'.


3.15 - 4.00 Questions over Coffee (Staff Room)

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