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The First Crusade Event

The First Crusade
10:00 - 16:00
26 February 2011
Avenue Campus University of Southampton

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Event details

We will be holding a one-day cultural event in February consisting of a series of talks with time for questions and discussion. The event will provide an opportunity to discover more about one of most momentous events in medieval European history whose ramifications can still be felt today. The talks will cover the origins, nature, course and impact of the First Crusade using evidence from those who participated in and experienced this event.


10.00 - 10.10      Welcome


10.10 - 10.50      What happened on the First Crusade?

This session will provide a brief outline to the main events of the crusade from its calling at the Council of Clermont in 1095 by pope Urban II through to the capture of Jerusalem four years later.


10.50 - 11.35      Holy War: what was the First Crusade?

The First Crusade represented a radical new departure from previous conflicts. So what were its distinguishing features and how could the Christian Church justify such violence? This session will consider the conditions which made possible the launching of a crusade at this time.


11.35 - 12.00      Coffee Break (Staff Room)


12.00 - 12.45      Piety or Profit: who joined the First Crusade and why?

This session will examine what induced so many to leave their homes and endure years of bloody battle against a numerically superior enemy. Were they motivated by love of God or by more material interests?


12.45 - 1.45     Lunch (Staff Room)


1.45 - 2.30     The Impact of the First Crusade: the Jewish perspective

The progress of the Peoples Crusade across Europe was marked by terrible atrocities committed against Jewish communities. Why did an expedition aimed at the recapture of Jerusalem begin and end with the indiscriminate slaughter of thousands of Jews in the Rhineland and Jerusalem?


2.30 - 3.15      The Impact of the First Crusade: the Muslim perspective

The First Crusade marked a decisive shift in relations between Christians and Muslims and led to increased hostility between East and West. What does the First Crusade reveal about attitudes towards Islam in the Christian West and how was the First Crusade received in the Islamic world of the Middle East?


3.15 - 4.00     Questions over Coffee

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