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Beauty and Tragedy: Art and the Great Philosophers Event

The School of Athens
5 February 2012 - 1 April 2012
City Art Gallery Southampton

Event details

The Philosophy department are delighted to announce a series of short, accessible talks for the general public in early 2012, exploring the reflections of the great philosophers on the nature of art.

Should art please us with beautiful creations, or reveal painful, ugly truths about our lives? Plato sought to drive the tragic poets out of his Republic. Nietzsche replied that art alone has the power to make our existence bearable. Art has provoked, perplexed and inspired many of the great philosophers and this series of short talks will explore that complex relationship. Travelling from philosophy's roots in ancient Greece to contemporary philosophy's own struggle with art, the series will consider week-by-week the great philosophers' reflections on the nature, value and power of art.

The talks, held at the City Art Gallery in Southampton, will be given by members of the University of Southampton Philosophy Department, which is a centre of excellence for the philosophy of the arts. Each talk will last approximately 30 minutes and be followed by 30 minutes of discussion with the audience.


5th February 2012, 2-3pm

Plato - Chris Janaway


12th February 2012, 2-3pm

Aristotle - Chris Janaway


19th February 2012, 2-3pm

Hume - Alex Neill


26th February 2012, 2-3pm

Kant - Chris Janaway


4th March 2012, 2-3pm

Schopenhauer - Alex Neill


11th March 2012, 2-3pm

Nietzsche - Aaron Ridley


18th March 2012, 2-3pm

The Existentialists - Denis McManus


25th March 2012, 2-3pm

Wittgenstein - Ray Monk


1st April 2012, 2-3pm

The Artworld - Aaron Ridley


Please note the City Art Gallery Lectures are free of charge and there is no need to book, just turn up.

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