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The University of Southampton
Lifelong Learning

Is Time Travel Possible? Event

13:00 - 14:00
5 February 2015
John Hansard Gallery

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Event details

Travelling in the three dimensions of space is something that we all take for granted.

But if time is just another dimension, then shouldn’t we be able to travel backwards in time? It seems not - since if I could go back in time, couldn’t I kill my grandfather, undermine the conditions for my own birth, and hence prevent me from travelling back in time in the first place? If so, is time travel impossible after all?

Speaker information

Dr Lee Walters,Lee completed his PhD at University College London in 2011. He then taught at Somerville College, Oxford for two years, before joining Southampton in 2013. Before studying philosophy, Lee worked for HM Treasury and McKinsey & Co.

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