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Supernova Extravaganza - Christmas Lectures 2015 Event

2 December 2015
Physics & Astronomy Department Chamberlain Road (next to Building 46) University of Southampton SO17 1PQ

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Sadie Jones at .

Event details

Supernovae are the massive explosions of stellar objects at the end of their life. These explosions are the biggest bangs in the Universe since The Big Bang itself. We use their light to measure how fast the Universe is expanding and without the new elements they create life could not exist. In this talk you will be taken through the evolution of a star from birth to death. We’ll explore the special cases in which the exotic objects know as white dwarfs can explode with such uniformity that they unlock a mystery of the Universe that scientists don’t currently understand. Through experiments and demonstrations we’ll unravel the final moments of massive stars in their struggle to support themselves against gravitational collapse. There’ll be bigs bangs, little pops and a nucleo-synthesized mess as we take you on a Supernova Extravaganza!! For ages 8+

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