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What about English and Other Languages after Brexit Study Day 29 June 2019 Event

29 June 2019
Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, Highfield Rd, Southampton SO17 1BF

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Event details

This workshop will try to understand what is happening to languages as a result of the Brexit referendum. It will set the issues in the wider political and economic environment and will focus on what is happening to the English language in the wider world, and what is happening to other languages in the UK. The workshop will be led by two leading experts on language policy: Michael Kelly, whose book on Languages after Brexit was published last year, and Jennifer Jenkins, the author of books on Global Englishes and English as a lingua franca. It will include presentations on the issues and discussion by workshop participants.

Due to Unforseen circumstances, this event has been Cancelled.

Draft programme

09:30 - Registration

10:00 - Introduction by Professor Mike Kelly

10:10 - Talk by Mike Professor Kelly: How did we get here?

Looking at the international environment, the rapid development of globalisation worldwide has put pressure on nations and national identities as a result of trade, conflicts, migrations and cultural changes. Brexit has become the focus of responses in the UK. This presentation will look at how this has affected the learning and use of languages. It will ask whether nationalist reactions in this country and elsewhere in the world are part of the solution or part of the problem.

11:00 - Refreshment break

11:15 - Talk by Professor Jenny Jenkins: What is happening to English?

This talk will first explore a number of issues relating to the role of English as a global lingua franca with many more non-native than native users. It will then consider the implications of Brexit for the future of English as a lingua franca and for native English speakers. A number of possible scenarios will be presented for audience discussion before the most likely (according to the speaker) is revealed.

12:00 - Refreshment break.

12:15 - Presentation 3: Why are the British resistant to other languages?

Comparing the British situation to other European countries, we have many language problems in common, and the international role of English does not help us. This presentation will look at the issues that can put people off or encourage them to enjoy learning other languages: including attitudes to risk, communication and cultural identity.

13:00 - Event ends


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