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An introduction to Maritime Archaeology with Makanani Bell, Rebecca Ferreria, Jack Pink and Maria Michael Event

13:00 - 14:00
4 June 2021
Online Webinar

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Event details

Announcing our free webinar series: Lunchtimes Unlocked The Southampton Institute of Arts and Humanities (SIAH) is pleased to announce a new series of webinars. Entitled Lunchtimes Unlocked: Sustainably appreciating the world and its inhabitants this series has something for everyone.

The webinars offer you the opportunity to:

• develop skills in creative writing and in sustainably revitalising your wardrobe
• experience the sounds and the visual culture of the past
• engage with challenging ideas around culture and truth
• explore the natural worlds of coasts and forests

Join us for these sessions to learn more about what is around you and how to interpret the world and its people.

For further details about individual events and a booking link can be found below.

Many mysteries lie in the maritime environment. An introduction to maritime archaeology will give you a brief understanding of this and the many secrets that lie along the coast of past peoples. The evidence of the past is rarely visible to the untrained eye, but did you know that through observing a few small features and understanding what they mean you may be able to learn and appreciate that which once made up our maritime coasts? Cities lie hidden under some of the coastal areas while other aspects may only be visible at low tides. Shipwrecks along the coast can be understood to realise the people who once sailed the seas, and the communities of the time can be realised.

Leading experts in maritime archaeology will not only offer an insight into how to understand the environment but also what to do if you find an object to help better understand the past and how to ensure the maritime archaeological environment is cared for.

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