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Introduction to Ethics

How we conduct our day-to-day lives is of great importance to us because issues of right and wrong permeate into every facet of our existence. 

Introduction to Ethics

The rightness and wrongness of our conduct can apply trivially (for example, telling a loved one they look fantastic, when perhaps this is ‘less than true’) or more seriously (we learn of an acquaintance’s affair, do we tell his/her partner?).  Other decisions we take with almost no reflection (do we seek out ‘fairtrade’ items from the supermarket?  Or do we just buy what is closest to hand?  Do we take a shower, or a bath?  Is it [morally] ok to smoke?)  What, if anything, unites these questions?  What principle, if any, do we adopt when deciding what to do?  This module will introduce you to the three major action-guiding principles, or, ‘normative theories’ in moral philosophy – Utilitarianism, Deontology (Kantianism), and Virtue Ethics (Aristotelianism).


Date: Tuesday 27 January 2015

Time: 19.00-21.00

Duration: 9 weeks




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