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Here you can listen again to your favourite Lifelong Learning talks, or catch up on any you may have missed. Not all talks are included due to copyright issues, but we endeavour to record as many as possible.

Study Days

The Social and Historical Impact of Climate Change - 12/04/2014

Climate change, "disasters" and human evolution - Dr William Davies

Climate, weather and the Middle Ages - Professor David Hinton

Living with flooding: Early Tewkesbury and its development - Penny Copeland

Climate Change: What is happening, and what can we do about it? - Professor John Sheperd

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Richard III - 08/03/2014

Richard III and the Wydeviles - Dr Lynda Pidgeon

Richard III's Scoliosis - Dr Mark Edwards

A Game of Thrones - Dr Cheryl Butler

Shakespeare's Richard III - Professor Ros King

'Killed the Boar, Shaved His head'; the Violent Death of Richard III - Bob Woosnam-Savage

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"Coming Out" to Gay and Lesbian History - 08/02/2014

Sodomy in Eighteenth-Century Hampshire - Dr Julie Gammon

Homosexuality, Ben-Hur (1925) and the Stardom of Ramón Novarro - Dr Michael Williams

Denis Rake: a Story of Homosexuality, Spies and the Resistance in World War II France - Dr Joan Tumblety

In Defence of Labouchère – Homosexuality in British Law after 1885 - Dr Graham Baxendale

From Stalin to Sochi: The Historical Roots of Homophobia in Contemporary Russia - Professor Dan Healey, Oxford University

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Monsters! - 25/01/2014

Grendel and his kin: the monsters of Beowulf in the Old English poem and modern re-workings - Professor Catherine Clarke

Beasts, wolves and fascists’ - Professor Mike Kelly

Rosemary’s babies and monstrous children - Professor Linda Williams

Inverse Reverse Perverse: YBAs and the Depiction of Monstrosity - Professor Stephen Foster

Who's the monster? Beauty and The Beast in Victor Hugo's novels’ - Dr Aude Campmas

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Human Origins - 14/12/2013

Networks and novelties: how to recognise innovations in the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic) - Dr William Davies

Skulls, stones and science: how we reconstruct human evolution - Dr John McNabb

Imagination and Identity in the Palaeolithic - Dr James Cole

Firing up art in the Ice Age - Dr Rebecca Farbstein

Did Neanderthals paint? The earliest cave art and the origins of human symbolic behaviour - Dr Alastair Pike

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The Tudors & Stuarts - 23/11/2013

The Life and Reputation of Anne Boleyn - Professor George Bernard

New Year's Gifts at the Court of Elizabeth I - Professor Maria Hayward

The Black Legend of Prince Rupert's Dog: Witchcraft and Propaganda during the English Civil War - Professor Mark Stoyle

'Quit yourselves like men': Gender, Politics and Print during the English Civil War - Dr Jennie Cobley

Attitudes to Early Modern Gypsies - Dr Julie Gammon

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Our Blue Planet - 14/09/2013

Myths and mysteries of the oceans - Dr Simon Boxall

The deep sea drilling programme – exploring our inner planet - Professor Damon Teagle

Fisheries – our regional sustainable food resource? - Dr Antony Jensen

The Oceans and Climate Change - Professor Robert Marsh

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Democracy and Globalisation - 13/07/2013

Regions, Democracy and Globalisation - Pia Riggirozzi

"Lawfare" and global reach of American Force - Chris Fuller

Transnational Citizenship and the expansion of the demos - Professor David Owen

Cosmopolitanism, Democracy and Global Justice - Richard Penny

Looking back, looking forward: the future shape of global politics - Professor David Owen

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Sex, Art and Crime - 15/06/2013

Event podcast


Henry V - 9/03/2013

(Not) Born to be King. Henry V before and after 21 March 1413 - Professor Anne Curry

Shakespeare's Henry V: war hero or war criminal? - Professor Ros King

The Legacy on Film - Richard Inverne

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The Appropriation of English Shipping Resources for the French War - Dr Craig Lambert

The Greatest of Henry's Great Ships: Gracedieu - Professor Jon Adams

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Nietzsche - 12/05/2012

Nietzsche: the man and his work - Professor Chris Janaway

Nietzsche on tragedy, art and music - Professor Aaron Ridley

Nietzsche and politics - Professor David Owen

Nietzsche's critique of modern moral and religious values - Professor Chris Janaway

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Shakespeare - 4/02/2012

Early Modern London Theatres - Professor John McGavin

Shakespeare in Context - Dr Louise Rayment

"All mine own folly": The Function of Folly in "The Winter's Tale" - Dr Peter Happé

Shakespeare, Language and Playfulness - Professor Ros King

Postcolonial Transformations of Shakespeare - Stephen Morton

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The Tudors - 5/11/2011

Making Magnificence: Revels in Tudor London, 1485-1553 - Prof Maria Hayward

The Black Legend of the Inquisition in Tudor England - Dr Francois Soyer

The Prayer Book Rebellion - Prof Mark Stoyle

James I and his English Coronation - Dr Alice Hunt

Cross-Dressing in Early Stuart England - Jane Whitehead

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Philosophy Café


'What is the Mind /Body Problem?' - Genia Schönbaumsfeld

'How much must we give to famine relief?' - Fiona Woollard

'What is mathematical truth?' - Ray Monk

'Is it rational to be moral?' - Jonathan Way

'What's so good about free thinking?' - Sasha Mudd

'What am I?' - Conor McHugh

'Free will: a necessary illusion?' - Chris Janaway

'Authenticity: what is it to be oneself?' - Denis McManus

'External world scepticism, or what if you're in the Matrix?' - Conor McHugh

'Conceptual art: a contradiction in terms?' - Aaron Ridley

'Is morality objective?' - Jonathan Way

'Wittgenstein - Philosophy and Life' - Ray Monk

'Is Religious faith irrational?' - Genia Schönbaumsfeld

'Does monogamy make sense?' - Fiona Woollard

'Is time travel possible?' - Lee Walters

'Reasons to be cheerful?' - Chris Janaway

'Are people always selfish?' - Alex Gregory

'Tragedy' - Chris Janaway

'Tolstoy's Contagion Theory of Art' - David Woods

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