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Environmental and Life Sciences

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Programming Foundations

This course provides the core knowledge to begin programming in any language

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Learning R

Learning R

Join author Barton Poulson as he introduces the R statistical processing language, including how to install R on your computer, read data from SPSS and spreadsheets, and use packages for advanced R functions.


ArcGIS Essential Training

Learn to create and manage data, maps, and analytical models with ArcGIS. Author Adam Wilbert shows how to get around maps and start adding your own data and importing data from existing databases.

Linux command line

Learning Linux Command Line

The Linux command line is critical for anyone who uses this open-source operating system. For many tasks, it's more efficient and flexible than a graphical environment.


SPSS Statistics Essential Training

SPSS is a statistics and data analysis program for businesses, governments, research institutes, and academic organizations. In these tutorials, we takea a practical, visual, and non-mathematical approach to SPSS.

R Statistics

R Statistics Essential Training

Author Barton Poulson shows how to use R to model statistical relationships using graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools.


Learning MATLAB

Instructor Steven Moser shows you how to harness the MATLAB tools and create programs to model your own data and hypotheses.

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