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The University of Southampton
Learn new skills with LinkedIn Learning

Professional Development through LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online library that houses over 10,000 high quality tutorials on a range of topics that can contribute towards your personal and professional development. All the tutorials are delivered by specialists and are very reliable. 

Find out the most popular employability courses among your fellow students. We have compiled the following playlists to keep you updated. Watch the tutorials for FREE so you do not miss out on an opportunity to develop new skills. This is your chance to stand out to the employer. 


Communication skills

Enhance your communication skills and show the employer your ability to connect with others. 


Leadership skills

Become an effective leader as it shows your commitment, reliability and ability to lead others.

Time management

Time management skills

Enhance your time management skills and impress the employer with your ability to meet deadlines.     

Project management

Project management skills

Learn how to plan and control projects as it will enhance your ability to produce high quality work.


Problem solving skills

Learn the tips to find solutions to complex problems by being creative and using your analytical skills. 


Listening skills

Listening to others actively is important. Here are few tips on how to become an effective listener.   


Presentation skills

Learn how to plan, prepare and deliver presentations as it is one of the most valuable skills. 

Team work

Team work

Learn this desirable skill and enhance your ability to collaborate with others to work towards a goal. 

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