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The University of Southampton

Research Fellows and PhD Students

These are our current Research Fellows and PhD Students introducing their projects in magnetic resonance

Photo of George R. Bacanu

My research involves hyperpolarization of (bio)organic molecules using dynamic nuclear polarization for medical applications. I am also studying endofullerenes and their possible application in hyperpolarized NMR

George R. Bacanu - PhD Student
Photo of Jai Balachandra

My research is focused on High-Resolution Solid-State 14N NMR and its aim is to make the analysis of the naturally occuring 14N-isotope routinely accessible so to provide a novel route for the characterisation of a vast range of biomolecules and drugs

Jai Balachandra - PhD Student
Photo of Giedo Elamin

I’m investigating the role of endothelial microvesicles (MVs) in thrombus formation by using 31P NMR and looking at how membranes of endothelial cells as well as MVs are formed

Giedo Elamin - PhD Student
Photo of William Hale

My research is focused on microfluidic perfusion cell culture and the in situ observation of metabolites by NMR spectroscopy I am also interested in Para-Hydrogen induced polarisation

William Hale - PhD Student
Photo of Sylwia Ostrowska

My research is focused on improving the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy on microfluidic devices using Para-Hydrogen induced polarisation.

Sylwia Ostrowska - PhD Student
Photo of Marek Plata

In my project I am looking into ways to carry out series of protein experiments under NMR spectroscopy integrated on a single microfluidic device.

Marek Plata - PhD Student
Photo of Mohamed Sabba

I study long-lived singlet states - systems with exceptional nuclear lifetimes - and research novel methods generating and exploiting them for NMR/MRI, particularly in unusual regimes.

Mohamed Sabba - PhD Student
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