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Magnetic Molecular Beams - a non-conventional approach for hyper sensitive NMR Seminar

4 October 2016

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Giuseppe Pileio on 02380594160 or email .

Event details

Magnetic molecular beam experiments are in many ways the ancestors of the nuclear magnetic resonance technique, and are conceived by many people in the NMR community as awfully complicated experiments which were performed in the far past, before “normal” NMR was invented. In our group we develop and apply new magnetic molecular beam methods to measure fundamental, atomic-scale properties of materials which can not be studied using existing experimental methods. In this talk I will present two examples which combine molecular beams and magnetic resonance experiments. One is the development of a hyper sensitive NMR spectrometer, an instrument which should (hopefully) be capable of measuring a single layer of molecules adsorbed on a surface. This spectrometer uses a molecular beam of pure ortho-water which we create using a Stern-Gerlach type magnetic filtering setup[1,2]. A second experiment I will briefly describe is a molecular interferometer setup which combines a gas phase NMR experiment with molecular scattering. The signal measured in this experiment is the quantum interference of the zeeman and rotational states of molecules within a magnetic field, both before, and after scattering from a solid sample. The resulting measurement contains information about how the rotation of a molecule affects the way it scatters from a surface. I will present some very recent data we measured of hydrogen molecules scattering from a copper surface. [1] Science, 331, 319 (2011) [2] Physical Review A, 86, 062710 (2012)

Speaker information

Gil Alexandrowicz, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Associate Professor

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