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Dr Roxana Aldea BSc, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow

Dr Roxana Aldea's photo

Dr Roxana Aldea is a Research Fellow in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton. She is an interdisciplary physicist researching the underlying clearance mechanisms of the brain and their failure in dementia by employing mathematical and computational modelling.


Current position - EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton.

I graduated in Physics in 2011 at West University of Timisoara with a thesis titled “Physical Methods in Computational Modelling of Tissue Morphogenesis”. During my master degree (graduated in 2013), I studied one year at University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where I undertook my research in the Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Research Group.

In October 2013, I started a four-year doctoral training programme at the Institute for Complex Systems Simulations at University of Southampton. I obtained my PhD degree in 2018 with a thesis titled “Modelling cerebral interstitial flows and their failure in Alzheimer’s disease.” My PhD research provided novel tools for testing some of the proposed clearance mechanisms of the brain, for investigating what is physiologically plausible and, finally, for offering some insights which cannot be easily obtained otherwise by biological sciences alone. Specifically, by combining principles from fluid dynamics and solid mechanics of soft biological tissue with techniques from analytical mathematical modelling (e.g. lubrication theory) and image-based modelling, I have developed novel physiologically-based multi-scale models for analysis of cerebral interstitial flows.

During my PhD studies, I received the WUN Research Mobility Programme Award for my research visit at Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), New Zealand. My research at ABI focused on learning computational tools employed in the Virtual Physiological Human project.

I have been involved in STEM education and outreach; part of that was the role of EPSRC Guest Blogger where I talked about ways to tackle dementia with Mathematics.


PhD Thesis:

Modelling cerebral interstitial flows and their failure in Alzheimer's disease. 

Supervised by Dr Giles Richardson and Prof Roxana Carare. Funded by EPSRC and Institute for Complex Systems Simulations, University of Southampton

Research interests

I am interested in interdisciplinary approaches for studying the biophysical mechanisms underlying the body’s functions in health and disease. I always find thrilling the collaborations with clinical scientists, computer scientists, mathematicians and bioengineers, as these offer a holistic view of the complex problems I investigate.

Specifically, I research the clearance mechanisms of the brain because failure in the removal of brain metabolic waste products plays a key pathological role in dementia. I am particularly interested on how the cerebral vascular processes can offer clues about the functional state of the brain.

My current research projects include multi-scale mathematical and image-based models for:

  • Human brain clearance
  • Arterial biomechanics
  • Neurovascular coupling


My long term goal is to make my models as physiologically realistic as possible in order to guide drug delivery to the brain and clinical trials for various brain disorders. 

Research group

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Affiliate research groups

Mathematics in Biology and Medicine, Carare Research Group

Dr Roxana Aldea
Building 54 Mathematical Sciences University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

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