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Mathematical Sciences
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Professor Rebecca Hoyle 

Professor of Applied Mathematics, Associate Dean for Research

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I am an interdisciplinary mathematician working on dynamical processes in biology and social science.

Maths can help us understand living systems by clarifying the implications of the ideas we hold about them.

Current position

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Dean for Research

Previous positions

2012-2015 Professor of Mathematics, University of Surrey
2008-2012 Reader in Mathematics, University of Surrey
2004-2008 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Surrey
2000-2004 Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Surrey
2000 Associate, McKinsey & Company, London
1999-2000 Consultant, Scientific Generics, Cambridge
1996-1999 Teaching Fellow & Director of Studies in Applied Mathematics, King’s College, Cambridge
1995-1996 Research Fellow, St. John’s College, Cambridge
1994-1995 Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA


1994 PhD, University of Cambridge
1990 Part III Mathematics, University of Cambridge
1989 BA Hons, University of Cambridge

Research interests

My research is in evolutionary biology, biophysics, stochastic dynamics, dynamics on social networks and industrial ecology. I am interested in what makes researchers creative and why, and how collaboration and interdisciplinarity lead to new ideas. I have performed stand-up comedy inspired by my research.

My current research projects include models of or for

  • Evolution of maternal effects
  • Equation-free methods
  • Games on multiplex networks
  • Molecular motor stepping cycles
  • Industrial ecosystems

I am also involved in a qualitative study of collaboration creativity and interdisciplinarity.

For more information on current PhD projects I am offering visit my PhD projects page


Research group

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Affiliate research groups

Computational Applied Mathematics, Mathematics in Biology and Medicine

Research project(s)

Computational Human Sciences

Computational Multiscale Modelling

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Stochastic Processes in Biology

Transgenerational Effects and Evolution

Equation-free Methods

Molecular motors

Industrial Ecosystems

Coastal Morphology

Creativity and Interdisciplinarity

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Book Chapters


MATH3052 Mathematical Biology

Professor Rebecca Hoyle
Building 54 Mathematical Sciences University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 54/6009

Professor Rebecca Hoyle's personal home page
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