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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

String Theory seminar - Ignacio Reyes Seminar

STAG Research Centre
27 March 2019
Building 54, room 8031

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Event details

Title: Images of entanglement

Abstract: Much has been learned about entanglement due to conformal symmetry and the Rindler properties of the vacuum. In order to go beyond, we propose to use the method of images in QFT. We focus on the solvable yet non-trivial example of the 2d free fermion. After rederiving known results, we obtain the entanglement (modular) Hamiltonian on the torus, which provides the first example of a geometric flow not obtainable from Rindler space. We also comment on its applications to bulk reconstruction in higher spin holography.


Speaker information

Ignacio Reyes, Würzburg, Universidade Catolica de Chile.

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