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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

Gravity seminar - Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva Seminar

STAG Research Centre
28 March 2019
Building 54, room 7035(7B)

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Oscar Dias, Nils Andersson at, .

Event details

Title: Effective field theories for fluids

Abstract: I will discuss modern developments on effective field theories for fluid dynamics via an underlying Schwinger-Keldysh path integral.
The chief virtue of this framework is that it allows to systematically incorporate dissipative and statistical fluctuation effects within an action principle using symmetries and appropriate degrees of freedom. Such effective field theories can also be naturally embedded in gravity and derived via holography providing a valuable test of the approach.

Speaker information

Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva , KU Leuven.

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