The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences


ProjectResearch Group
AmenabilityPure Mathematics
Asymptotic MethodsApplied Mathematics,
Computational Applied Mathematics
AsymptoticsApplied Mathematics
Black HolesApplied Mathematics,
Relativistic Astrophysics
Coastal Morphology
Cohomology and Yu's Property APure Mathematics
Comological properties of Thompson's groups and their generalisationsPure Mathematics
Computational Human SciencesApplied Mathematics,
Computational Applied Mathematics
Computational Multiscale ModellingApplied Mathematics,
Computational Applied Mathematics
Computational OptimisationOperational Research
Computational PhysicsApplied Mathematics,
Computational Applied Mathematics
Creativity and Interdisciplinarity
Decision Making Under UncertaintyOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Design and Analysis of ExperimentsStatistics
Discrete OptimisationOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Equation-free Methods
Evolutionary Biology and EcologyApplied Mathematics,
Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
Finite subgroups of mapping class groups of closed surfacesPure Mathematics
General RelativityApplied Mathematics,
Relativistic Astrophysics
Gravitational WavesApplied Mathematics,
Relativistic Astrophysics
Healthcare ModellingOperational Research
Industrial Ecosystems
Liquid Crystals and Classical OpticsApplied Mathematics
Mathematical ElectrochemistryApplied Mathematics
Mathematical ModellingApplied Mathematics
Mathematical Optical PhysicsApplied Mathematics
MetamaterialsApplied Mathematics
Metric geometry and analysisPure Mathematics
Molecular and Cellular BiologyApplied Mathematics,
Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
Molecular motors
Multi-dimensional Scaling in Complex NetworksOperational Research
Multilevel OptimisationOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Multiple Comparison Procedures
Multiple-Source Localization ProblemsOperational Research
Neutron StarsApplied Mathematics,
Relativistic Astrophysics
Numerical Methods for Nonlinear OptimisationOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Operations Research methods in algorithm cooperative gamesOperational Research
Optimisation in Data Dimension Reduction and VisualizationOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Physiology and MedicineApplied Mathematics,
Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
Profinite topology on non-positively curved groupsPure Mathematics
Revenue managementOperational Research
Rich variants of the capacitated vehicle routing problemOperational Research
SchedulingOperational Research
Schottky groups and uniformizations of closed surfacesPure Mathematics
Stochastic Processes in BiologyApplied Mathematics,
Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
Stochastic SimulationOperational Research
SuperfluidityApplied Mathematics
The coarse geometry of CAT(0) cube complexesPure Mathematics
The Statistical modelling and computation groupStatistics
Topological superrigidityPure Mathematics
Trajectory OptimisationOperational Research,
Computational Optimisation
Transgenerational Effects and Evolution
Ultracold Atoms, Quantum Optics and Quantum TechnologiesApplied Mathematics

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